Live Oak Pools world headquarters is located in Havana Florida. The name does not come from the city of Live Oak, but rather from Live Oak trees. The president, owner and only employee (right now) is me, Dan Vander Berg. I moved here a few years ago because I really liked the area and all the magnificent Live Oak trees that grow here.

I believe pools are a great investment for enjoying the water. I know my knowledge and experience can help pool owners get the most out of their investment. Let me provide a high level of quality service to you.

Thank you,

Dan Vander Berg

I’ve been in the pool business for the majority of my life. I started swimming earlier than I can remember, and I began swimming competitively when I was 10 years old. My mom tells me my first pool was the Pacific Ocean. My first pool related employment was lifeguarding. I began building, cleaning and repairing pools between my junior and senior year in college. I cleaned pools part time my senior year of college, and then progressed to full time work with pools after graduating. I’ve been in some type a pool industry related job over thirty years now.


The majority of my time has been spent building and repairing concrete or plaster pools. I have seen that there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of pool (vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete). I believe I excel at knowing what type of pool would be best for a particular customer based on what they want and expect from a pool, and although I have a Commercial pool builders license, I don’t build any single type of pool myself. I can offer a customer an unbiased opinion to help them decide what will work best. Because of my experience fixing pools, I also believe I am good at explaining what to do or not do to when building, to avoid unpleasant and expensive problems later.

All pools use similar equipment and, of course water is basically the same in all pools. I have seen over and over how water, which is not properly balanced and sanitized, can lead to a number of expensive problems. Anyone who has been in the pool business has seen how problems of this kind can take the fun out of owning or using a swimming pool. I have trained many pool owners, pool operators, pool maintenance and pool repair people. By spending a little money on good education, pool owners can save a lot of money on costly repairs that can be directly attributed to a lack of knowledge of pool water chemistry. This is especially true of commercial pools.